Karla Crome (‘Hit & Miss’, ‘Misfits’) interview

Fresh from starring as Riley in Hit & Miss, Sky Atlantic’s first original drama series, actress Karla Crome will be joining the cast of E4’s Misfits later this year.

Created by Paul Abbott (Shameless), Hit & Miss starred Chloë Sevigny as Mia – a contract killer with a big secret: she’s a transgender woman – and is out this week on DVD.

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CultBox caught up with Karla for a chat…

What sort of reaction have you experienced to Hit & Miss?

“It’s divided opinion, but I like that. I’m proud of it. It can be violent and sexually explicit at times and that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. The script is so unique and bizarre at times – but everyone I’ve spoken to has agreed that is definitely an intriguing story.”

There was a definite sense of community apparent amongst this rather dysfunctional family; did you feel that was a reflection of the relationship you cultivated off-camera with Chloe, Reece, Jorden, et al?

“We all got on very well. The hours were long and intense, and a lot of locations were quite remote, so you inevitably get close to people.”

What is your favourite memory from the shoot?

“I have lots! We got to shoot on a fairground which was a good laugh. Reece [Noi, who played Levi]  and I went on the waltzers about five times in a row and I was violently sick after, which is funny… in retrospect.”

What was it like filming such intense sequences with Vincent Regan? What was your reaction when you read in the script that Riley shoots John?

“It wasn’t too bad really. It was intense, but they were filmed early on in the process when I didn’t really know anyone, so I was less self conscious. I find it’s easier to lose my inhibitions in front of strangers. I loved that Riley shot John – the underdog came through and he totally deserved it.”

You’re joining the cast of Misfits for Series 4 as a regular. How’s filming going?

“Really well, it’s so much fun and good laugh. I love coming into work and not many people can say that. I was a big fan of the show. Obviously I have big shoes to fill following on from such popular characters and story lines, but I don’t want to start comparing myself.”

What have been your highlights of filming so far? How did Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Nathan) and Joseph Gilgun (Rudy) welcome you and the other new cast members?

“It’s been great to do some comedy – I’ve never done it before, I always assumed it wasn’t my strong point. My character is very dry at times and it’s fun to play with.

“Nathan and Joe have both been lovely. I didn’t ever feel I had to try too hard with them because they’ve been so open and welcoming,  as have the crew.”

Your character Jess has been described as a “kind of female version of [Curb Your Enthusiasm star] Larry David”; can you expand on this at all?

“I think the operative words here are ‘kind of’. She’s not the female incarnate of Larry David. I suppose Jess says what she thinks and can see through people’s bullshit. Because she’s so straightforward she gets frustrated when people aren’t honest with her. She’s a tough cookie but she’s quite vulnerable too.”

Does Series 4 continue any of the show’s previous story arcs or does the new cast reboot the show a bit?

“I think a lot was wrapped up at the end of Series 3, such as the Alisha and Simon storyline. I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say, but the new characters arrive with their own stories and personalities and that drives a lot of the plot.”

What else have you got coming up?

“I filmed a drama for BBC Two called Murder, which is due to air later this year. It was directed by Birger Larsen, who worked on The Killing. He was fantastic to work with. It has a very different format and some dark themes.”

Are there any other British cult shows that you’d like to appear in?

“I like detective/police dramas- anything from Luther to Sherlock to Miss Marple. I loved Life on Mars – I wouldn’t mind being a female Gene Hunt, going round smashing people’s faces in. Unfortunately being 5 4″ with puny string muscles I doubt it’s going to happen anytime soon.”

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