‘Skins’: Series 6 cast interviews

The Skins gang return to E4 in style later this month, burning their way through a holiday in Morocco. But what begins as a hedonistic fortnight before their return to college turns into a living hell.

By the time they return to Bristol everything has changed. Friendships fall apart whilst complicated and toxic relationships begin. And there are strangers in the mix who could either save or destroy them.

Here the cast give some hints about what to expect from their characters in Series 6…

Dakota Blue Richards (Franky):

“This series we see the characters in a much more raw, open and honest way.

“You see how they all have to deal with difficult circumstances and it’s a real test of their friendship to see how they’re going to deal with them and whether they’re going to stick together, who’s going to stay and who is going to have to leave and it really challenges everything that we’ve seen so far.

“Franky is finding herself and learning it’s okay to look after yourself, to dress differently and also OK to kind of want to spend time with others. I think she learns that she doesn’t need to commit necessarily to something that’s going to last forever but what she needs is to make herself happy and that will help her deal with the extreme elements of this series.”

Will Merrick (Alo):

“Alo’s big task and what he’s needed to do right from the beginning is grow up. He was set up at the end of the last series as a leader of the group, he should be keeping everyone together, he’s the enthusiastic and positive one.

“But at the beginning of this series he’s just not mature enough to handle the responsibilities that he faces. He tries to pull people out of their problems, he tries to help Rich and Mini but goes about it the wrong way.

“He just doesn’t have enough life experience to get these things right, so I really feel that this series is about Alo needing to grow up, and not really understanding that till the last minute, and when he does finally grow up it’s a little bit too late.”

Freya Mavor (Mini):

“We last saw Mini having broken up with Nick and trying to find who she is and who and what she is interested in, she’s learnt more about herself and feels comfortable in her own skin.

“She has to deal with new issues which she’s never ever had to face before. She has one big problem in particular, and it becomes another thing she’s in denial about, she refuses to accept reality.

“She’s still got her really strong friends, the girls, she’s less of a bitch and she’s come more into the group. She’s more accepting of Rich, Alo, Nick and Matty this series, and we see her find an unexpected object of affection.

Sean Teale (Nick):

“Nick has had a heavy summer, rugby is out of the question as his fitness is in doubt and he starts partying hard; a little too hard, I think. He’s a lot more integrated with the group this series, he’s a lot friendlier with them, they’ve warmed to him and they get to see his good side.

“His relationship with Mini is obviously one he’s lost but I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing for him, he gets entangled in a love relationship, a forbidden love relationship that he really shouldn’t be in, but Nick being Nick he finds himself in a situation that he doesn’t know how to handle without meaning to hurt anyone.”

Jessica Sula (Grace):

“Grace in Series 6 is an extremely free spirit, before she was free spirit in mind but now she actually is, she’s more free, she goes out with the gang and she feels a bit more like a woman, she’s grown up.

“Grace and Rich have grown together as a couple too, they’ve got to that stage when it’s settled and they’re so comfortable with each other but I don’t know whether it’s a bit too comfortable for Grace and she needs a change, maybe a bit of excitement.”

Alexander Arnold (Rich):

“There’s quite a transformation in Rich, both physically and in his mind. In this series something happens to him which consequently affects the way other people in the group think about him and look at him.

“You can see a bit more maturity in Rich, even in the first episode you can tell that his views and outlook have differed from last year. He becomes much more accepting. ”

Laya Lewis (Liv):

“Liv is still very much Liv this series, although she is more independent, she’s a lot more fun, she’s not always in Mini’s shadow and has found a new friendship in Alex.

“Her relationship with Matty is done and dusted, and I don’t think she’s bitter about it. Over the summer she’s really grown up about it and has just let it go.

“She spent last series chasing after him and I’m pretty sure this series she just wants to stand on her own two feet really, have fun and just be on her own.”

Sebastian De Souza (Matty):

“The best way to describe him is as a three dimensional personality as opposed to a two dimensional personality which I think he was last series, in that he used to be very mysterious, very elusive, he used to stand in corners and just watch.

“I think what’s come away from him is the veneer and the defence mechanisms he used to utilise through a number of incredibly tragic, and for him revelatory events, and he becomes an entirely different person. I think he becomes a feeling human personality.”

Sam Jackson (Alex):

“Alex is at first very mysterious, I think he comes across as quite elusive and you’re not really sure what he’s all about. He’s very charismatic and confident in himself and is very flirty, he flirts with both genders, and doesn’t care.

“He comes into the series at a point where the gang are a bit down, they’re very unhappy and he finds it difficult to make friends with the gang, they don’t really like accepting someone new but he manages to befriend Liv who takes a shine to him and you see their friendship develop and eventually he gets into the gang, bringing them some much needed excitement and energy.”

“I’m the new boy so meeting the gang at first it was a bit nerve-racking, I felt a lot of pressure joining because I watched the last series so seeing all the guys on screen and then meeting them and actually joining them, then working with them was a bit scary. But the guys are brilliant and have really looked after me.”

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