First look at Karen Gillan in ‘Jumanji’ sequel revealed

The first photo of the cast of the new Jumanji movie has appeared online.

Kevin Hart – who stars in the movie alongside Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Karen Gillan and Jack Black in the movie – posted the photo on Instagram earlier today.

Directed by Jake Kasdan (Bad Teacher, Sex Tape), the new film follows the events of the original 1995 classic, which starred Robin Williams.

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Hart commented: “Day 1 of shooting “Jumanji” is officially in the can. We had a amazing first day.”

He teased: “The chemistry & energy of our cast & crew was beyond amazing!!!! This movie is going to be dope as hell….Can’t wait to get back to work tomorrow @therock @karengillanofficial & jack black!!!”

Former Doctor Who companion Karen Gillan will play a character named Martha.

The Rock previous announced the Guardians of the Galaxy star’s casting last month, saying: “This isn’t just any role, but in many ways the most important role of the movie. We had to find a girl. But not just any girl. A girl who has “Chutzpah”.

“Guts, nerve and talent to stand her ground and hold her own against Nick’s cool rockstar ways, Jack’s relentless energy and genius, Kevin’s masterful timing and skills and the big, brown, bald tattooed guy who just simply stands there and oooooozes smoldering, captivating, sizzling, can’t take your eyes off this brilliant manly man.. never mind I got drunk on the ol’ DJ kool aid again.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to announce a girl who’s playing the most important role in our movie – the talented, beautiful and down for a Scottish fight at any time, Ms @KarenGillanOfficial. And yes, this is the girl who is so bad ass she shaved her freaking head for Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Karen Gillan

Johnson also confirmed that “this isn’t a remake or reboot, but a continuation of the awesome Jumanji story we love.”

Jumanji is set to arrive in cinemas on 28 July 2017.

Are you looking forward to the new Jumanji sequel? Let us know below…

  • Dr. Moo

    Former Doctor Who companion Karen Gillan will play a character named Martha.

    Presumably just to mess with us?

    On a serious note, why does this movie exist?
    I’ve got an idea for you Hollywood: How about, instead of endless reboots, remakes, reimaginings and sequels to 20+ year-old movies in order to exploit people’s memories of the first time round, you try making something new and original for a change? (A crazy idea I know, but it just might work!)

    • Mr. 118

      It clearly states that it’s a sequel to the original in the article. Did you even bother reading the entirety of it?

      • Dryajaq

        They also clearly say sequel to 20+ year old movies. Did you bother to read the entirety of the comment?

      • Dr. Moo

        Tell me: “Did you even bother reading the entirety of” my comment?

      • y’vmtwthtrrblft

        Learn to read, idiot.

      • Cameron Fry

        Original ideas don’t make enough money these days. The nice guys for example, a fantastic, original film, yet didn’t do too well in the box office.

    • Rudi

      She didn’t play Martha Doctor Who, she played Amy Pond.

      • We know that. The joke was that naming her after another companion in this film is a mind-trip for Whovians.

      • Dr. Moo

        That’s exactly the point. You wouldn’t cast Billie Piper as a character named Clara, you wouldn’t cast Jenna Coleman as a character named Amy, yet that’s exactly what they’ve done here. I know it’s stupid but still it’ll feel “off” if I actually do end up watching it.

        • Knil

          That’s just stupid. They absolutely can play characters with the same names of characters from a tv show they — USED to be on. Sounds like you can’t disconnect the actor from the role, that’s on you.

      • Whovillian

        Thank you!! I didn’t think that was quite right in the article

    • Ryan

      “Make something new for a change!!!” says the fan of a 50+ year old television show. 😀

      Here’s the thing though, statistically speaking there are actually more original films being produced at this point in history than ever before,, the thing is no one is going to see them. They’re out there, but because of the low box office draw for the casual movie goer studios aren’t going to devote much, if any, budget allowance towards advertising, thus requiring the initiative of those whom are actually interested in viewing original content to do the research and seek out these films for themselves.

  • Benderisgreat

    I still like her cop outfit better, but she looks great in the jungle, too.

  • Jon

    Im not too too excited, but ill admit i will watch. Still, Id appreciate it if Robin William movies could be left alone out of respect, i know its a sequel, but im afraid of the possibility of ruining the beauty of the original.

    • Hayley Munro

      I don’t think it can ruin the beauty of it. How do you ruin a movie by making a completely new one? The old one is still exactly the same.

  • Daniel

    Probably will make loads of cash. Karen has been very smart in her US career to date. These kinds of big fun movies like Guardians get you noticed and help leverage you into something better next time. Karen also has a budding career as a film maker, so I expect the money from this will enable her to self finance a more personal project. Jenna is also doing amazingly well. To go from Who straight into a huge starring part in one of the biggest hits of the year both with audiences and critics is just brilliant. Not even David or Matt have had the kind of success Karen and Jenna got straight out of the show. Both great talents and well deserved success through hard work.

    • Shad Gray

      Um… Not so sure about this. Oculus? Selfie? A forgettable horror movie and a TV series cancelled faster than a sci-fi series on FOX. Agyeman stuck in the UK for a while doing Law and Order UK before the Hollywood move to Sense8. Piper broke away with Secret Diary of a Call Girl and followed that with Penny Dreadful both of which were critical and commercial successes. Tenant Left and hit a home run with Broadchurch (Granted, Gracepoint didnt do all the well, but “remakes” rarely do). He also recently NAILED Killgrave on Jessica Jones. Im not sure how you view Karen as the posterchild for great career choices. Sure, Matt Smith didnt exactly hit home runs with Terminator or P&P&Z, but he isnt hurting over them either. None of the former New Who stars have had real issues finding work after the show and I’d hardly say she has done the best of the group.

      • Daniel

        I meant “immediate” success after leaving the show. David did have success with the first Broadchurch of course (NEVER mention the abomination that was the second) but that was some 4 or 5 years after he left and Matt is obviously going to have massive global success with The Cown, but that is also a few years after he left the TARDIS. Matt and David haven’t been out of work since leaving the show even if on balance both have more flops than hits, but Karen took less time to get a big break, even being offered a lead role in a US network television show almost immediately (not a hit, but Karen got excellent reviews) as well as the role in Guardians and Jenna has bettered that by walking straight from the TARDIS into a massive hit. None of the other Who alumni have done that.

        It’s great to see all Who stars do well. Billie Piper in my view has done the best of all since she left Who with a mixture of great and diverse television parts here and in the US (she is just wonderful in Penny Dreadful) and unlike Matt and David, she has an almost perfect hit to flop ratio and also has a number of highly acclaimed stage performances. I can see Jenna following in this vein. For my mind they are the two best actresses to ever play companions, although the parts themselves are somewhat controversial. I don’t know who is liked less in fandom, series 7B Clara or series 2 Rose. Personally, I have liked all of the companions, except probably Captain Jack and the show is lucky to have such a wide range of characters and talent to bring them to life. I am certain Pearl will also be great.

        Looking forward to seeing Matt in The Crown, Freema in Sense8, Chris in The Leftovers, Arthur in Legends and Karen in Jumanji and absolutely loving Jenna in Victoria. I won’t be watching the next Broadchurch, but hope David finds something much better in the near future – I am sure he will!

        • Anon

          The Crown is phenomenal. Matt Smith’s career is about to explode.

  • Zero Grav

    Jumanji sequel, awesome. But why is the woman half-naked?

  • Jessica Waldron

    They definitely dressed everybody for a jungle experience. What piece of human garbage made this decision?

  • Greetl

    I am guessing from Karen’s pose and skimpy clothing she is playing a cliche Lara Croft type character out of a video game. I bet this is then turned on its head and that it one of the journeys taken in the film.

    • Daniel

      Karen has confirmed it’s not her outfit for the entire movie and it has a comedic purpose. Clearly these promo shots were only done to get people talking about the film on social media, so TICK, job well done. Maybe if she was a kiddie character in a game, when her consciousness is awakened after some time, her body has aged but she is stil in her kiddie clothes.

  • Joe Coverstone

    Karen Didn’t shave her head for Guardians of the Galaxy, He and Matt Smith shaved their heads together in support of Cancer children. smh.

    • Mabel

      Awww.Cool. Didn’t know that. Matt, Arthur and Karen best Tardis crew ever and biggest babes in the world. Wish they could find some way to bring them back together, maybe something musical. Love ’em.

  • Doug Shartzer

    I thought the sequel to Jumanji was Zathura? Hmm.