Game of Thrones: four arrests made in India over online episode leak

Game Of Thrones title card

It’s the season for the leaking of episodes at the moment it seems, with hacking groups attempting to hold studios to ransom. Groups are trying to crack servers to get episodes early, and then demand a ransom against the threat of leaking said episodes online.

In the case of Game Of Thrones season 7 episode 4, broadcast last week, the story was slightly different, though. The episode was released early – going on to notch up the best ratings yet for the current run, ironically – but there didn’t appear to be a ransom involved.

Instead, Variety reports that four people have been arrested in Mumbai, India for leaking the episode concerned to piracy websites. The four were, or had been, employees of Prime Focus Technologies, a data management company used by Star India, the channel that shows Game Of Thrones in the country.

The four have been charged with ‘criminal breach of trust and computer-related offenses’, Variety reports. It’s also been confirmed that they’re not in any way related to the hack on HBO servers that took place last month.

Game Of Thrones continues on Sky Atlantic in the UK.