7 horror movies streaming now on Netflix

If you have a flair for horror movies, anytime is the right time to get immersed in the excitement and thrill they promise you.

It is an old story to wait till October to soak up in a Halloween horror film. Thanks to the advent of streaming sites, you can choose to watch those scares while relaxing at the comfy chair in your home. Among those several streaming options, Netflix is a highly popular and technologically sound option for millions across the world. Here is a meticulously chosen list of the best horror movies streaming now on Netflix.


An American Werewolf in London

Story written and directed by John Landis, An American Werewolf in London is rated as one of the top horror films in the history of cinema. Rick Baker’s make-up special effects rule the game wining the inaugural Oscar for Outstanding Achievement in Make-up award for the movie.

Most notably, the visceral, bone-crunching werewolf transformation is bound to hang out in your dreams for many years. Added to that, the gradually decaying forms of werewolf’s dead victims will continue to scare you every time you think of the movie after long years.


Sleepy Hollow

Tim Burton had directed this Washington Irving’s story originally titled “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. About 180 years after the debut of that tome, Paramount Pictures championed a feature film version of the classic through its Sleepy Hollow produced in 1999.

The film has bagged an Oscar for the art direction. Ichabod Crane (Depp), a peculiarly interesting police constable hailing from New York City is deputed on a mission to Sleepy Hollow for investigating a series of dreadful murders by the legendary Headless Horseman. A dark tale of horror, romance, action, mystery and intrigues follows ultimately warning anyone viewing it not to contemplate on a deal with a devil.


Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

Story written by ThommyHutson and the movie directed by Daniel Farrands and Andrew Kasch, Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy is a departure from the conventional feature films centered on horror themes. The four hour long movie presents the behind-the-scenes story of the famed horror franchises ever.

The documentary plunges to the depths of every film bringing to surface the pre-production woes, drama and production troubleshooting, and reaction from the critics and audiences alike. Even if you have to watch this documentary after viewing every film on the agenda, you will be surprised to know all those interesting things you had missed out.



Antonia Bird has directed this Ted Griffin’s story Ravenous, rendering it into a dark comedy. Due to his military cowardice, Guy Pearce’s Lieutenant Boyd lands at the fully deserted Fort Spencer in the Sierra Nevadas. Very soon, the few men at the Fort together with a perplexing stranger (Robert Carlyle), start eating one another. You might imagine that the story works off the folk tale Wendigo.

However, the juice of the theme is the rewards of those deaths and bloodsheds. The viewer would be compelled to honor Boyd as the hero until it is learnt that he voluntarily let his men die since the eating of flesh cured the diseases and healed the wounds in Bird’s wild world.


Under the Shadow

Under the Shadow is directed by BabakAnvari on his own story. Coming from Tehran, this is a politically enticing and angry tale of those repressed spirits set free upon the world. NargesRashidi’sShideh, a wife and mother, is denied of re-entering in the medical college on account of here leftist leanings during the Iran-Iraq war. Shideh’s daughter gets extremely sick and mad.

It is said she invited this fate when a fabled Djinn, a very powerful demonic force arrived when a missile lands on the terrace of Shideh’s building and did not go off. The story is in the grip of the war time scenes in Iran as well as the conjuring of the Djinn and its agents while plaguing Shideh.


The Shining

With the horror genre continuously evolving, The Shining had become the masterpiece of Stanley Kubrick that continued to the most terrible movie ever made for about 35 years after its advent.

All the horror that is part of the movie is the product of Kubrick’s masterful eye that has wonderfully captured the fully possessed performances of Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall. The Shining could emerge into success without even dwelling too much on the mythology or the reason behind Jack’s madness. Ultimately how his madness impacted his family sticks out.


It Follows

It follows is written and directed by David Robert Mitchell conjures the myth of an invisible power that is perpetuated through sex and the story highlights Maika Monroe fatefully suffering it in here case. The wide angles and unsettling effect have made the movie a infused disaster piece of the1980s sending out nostalgic memories of that terror filled decade. The movie also stands on its own merit on account of its stunningly creepy piece of music.

The list of movies streaming on Netflix has immense variety. The evolving collection sees hundreds added up to the stock on a daily basis ranging from an Elm street documentary or a nightmare to the most recent arrivals to the world of horror like Under the Shadow. So, viewers need to beware the scare that they can hope to enjoy. Whether you choose to get soaked inside the endless scenes of dreadfulness either alone or in a group, the best collection of horror films await you out there to just plug and play.


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