Bad news for ‘Merlin’ fans still hoping for a revival

This Christmas will mark exactly four years since the final episode of Merlin aired on BBC One.

After five seasons and 65 episodes, the fantasy drama series came to an end on 24 December 2012.

Fans haven’t given up hope of a revival, however, despite the death of one of the show’s main characters in the finale.

Merlin star Angel Coulby, who played Gwen, has now given fans what seems like a definitive answer on the topic though.

Asked about the possibility of a revival, Coulby told DS: “I think that ship has sailed, I’m afraid.”

She explained: “I think we’re all a bit too old now – if they did ever do a film, we’d probably all be recast in younger form!”

Merlin cast

Coulby added: “It was a great experience and a show I’m still very proud of. But we’ve all moved on to other projects now, so Merlin will just have to remain a happy memory.”

Merlin co-creator Johnny Capps announced at Comic-Con in 2012 that the show’s makers were “hopefully going to do a trilogy – three movies.”

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Angel Coulby can next be seen on tonight’s episode of Hooten and the Lady on Sky1.

Do you still want to see Merlin return? Let us know below…

  • Berenice Barkowitch

    Why would they all be too old for the revival? I believe modern Merlin with classical cast would be perfect…

  • Vlatka Partic

    I do not see any reason why Merlin could not be continued with exactly the same cast. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

  • Andrea Piedrabuena

    And We’ll be here forever… if Angel does not want to participate … because I feel sorry for her, we will replace her… I want more Merlin with Colin And Bradley! No need to be so cruel Angel, you know perfectly well that the story can continue, you just have to want to do!
    meanwhile, we will be here, keeping alive the magic

  • timmy

    Thank God Capps didn’t get to milk the same weakly written story yet again, after it fortunately also didn’t succeed in ‘Atlantis.’

    In other equally necessary news, ‘Z Cars’ is still not going to return.

  • coral

    Yeah Yeah of course they’re older now than the characters should be. Of course Angel too. But what we really want to back is not her. just Merlin and Arthur, Colin Morgan and Bradley Jmaes. It’s okay to not include her or any others. We just need return of Arthur and Merlin’ll get his happiness again and his wait will be over too. Because they’ve put Merlin at the very edge of the cliff in the finale. Arthur will rise again as reincarnation and meet with Merlin in modern age and they could live together forever as a couple. That’s all we need.

  • Sonia

    I’m so sorry for you, Angel, that you think this way. Even the biggest movie stars like Harison Ford return to their old characters proudly and continue the journey. Moreover, they never underline the actors’ age because it is natural the characters to age throughout their development, such as Indiana Jones. I’m not sure if your goal was to hurt the Merlin fans, but you did. Merlin deserves to continue and must be returned. It was a pure achievement of the movie making that cannot be just a beautiful memory. The audience loves the show and nothing will change that. Four years after the cancellation of Merlin, we are still here and the Merlin fandom is stronger than ever.

  • stevenm281

    I want a Merlin comeback!

    Anyway, even if they are older, they could have Arthur awaken in a not so distant future, so that it makes sense for the actors/characters to be older.

  • Teresa

    I want Merlin back

  • Eren Yeager

    Of course i definitely love the idea of reviving the merlin series. It will surely be one of the most awaited revival of all time that all merlin fans around the world would wanna see again..

  • Emily Cheetham

    I’d love more merlin. I have the box set and watched it religiously when it was on tv.

  • fangirlpain

    I would love more Merlin! But I have to say, we can’t force them to make more just because the fans wants it.. That’s honestly a little arrogant (sorry if I offend anyone). We’ve hoped for more Merlin for four years, a series 6, a movie, maybe even just a 10 minutes long ‘video’ about what happened to Merlin after Arthur’s death, what happened to Gaius, Guinevere, Camelot in general.. we’ve been hoping for so long, that it’s almost become a part of the Merlin fandom to hope for a series 6, or anything else.. If we got that, we’d lose the biggest goal in the intire fandom (but of cooouurse, we would then want Merthur to become more real than the fandom ever made it B) kidding. Or am I?)
    Well, all I’m trying to say, is that hoping for more has just become such a huge part of the fandom, all those fan fictions about what happened after Arturs death would suddenly (maybe) not make sense anymore?
    So my question for every Merlin fan: would it really be clever to make them make more Merlin?
    I sound like a dramaqueen sorry.
    Also, I’m not English so if some of the gramma is f***** up then that’s why 🙂

  • Willow

    We still have a littl hope for the show to come back, right? I mean, Harry Potter got a new book AND movie, the X-Files is back now in 2016 and Supernatural has been on for 11 years! They should be called to old (in any case that we talk about age and stuff). But i truly understand if Colin and Bradley wanna continue with something else (i heard Eion and Alex are up to play Gwaine and Mordred again!). Sometimes actors wanna forget theyre past movies and shows to persue something different. I hope the Merlinians can understand that.

  • speechlessdnq

    Please!!!Bring Merlin and Arthur back!!!!!!!It is really a wonderful TV show!!!

  • For the love of camelot

    I really love merlin and i dont think merlin will go lame , well its a great drama tbh , how their love each other is just perfectly beautiful ..