BBC Three’s ‘People Just Do Nothing’ to return for Season 2

BBC Three has ordered a second season of mockumentary series People Just Do Nothing.

The Kurupt FM crew first appeared in a Comedy Feed in 2012, followed by a four-part first season on BBC iPlayer and BBC Three this summer.

Five new 30-minute episodes will see self-proclaimed garage legend MC Grindah and his second in command, DJ Beats, back to share more of the secrets from behind the mics at West London’s second most popular pirate station, and their never-ending quest for expansion and air-time glory.

Executive producer Ash Atalla commented: “When new talent is this good, and this cheap, the BBC insists on a second series. In truth, I think People Just Do Nothing is at the start of a successful journey. I fully expect to see the boys looking awkward in tuxedos making a misjudged acceptance speech someday soon.”

MC Grindah added: “Big up everyone for showing love. We have infiltrated the industry and now we’re gonna destroy it! …Well, not destroy it…make it better probably.”

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