Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker on how many series she’s signed up for, how long she’s filming

Jodie Whittaker made her debut in the TARDIS last Christmas, courtesy of her brief appearance at the end of the Doctor Who Christmas special. Her first full series as the Doctor is currently filming, and will premiere this autumn.

It’s expected that Whittaker will have signed up for a good few series of the show – the modern day way of the Doctors is to do three full runs – and she was asked about her future plans in a new interview published over the weekend. Is she signed on for another series, she was asked. “I am not allowed to answer that”, she said, which is the pretty much de facto answer where Doctor Who spoilers is concerned.

However, it’s unlikely that Whittaker will do a Christopher Eccleston and depart the role after one series, and she’s widely expected to sign up for series 12 of the show. Whether the BBC will go for a rumoured 18 month cycle for Doctor Who series remains to be seen, though.

Furthermore, Whittaker also confirmed that she’s shooting Doctor Who for eight months, and not the previously-reported five. We wonder if that means a thus-far-unannounced Christmas special is on the cards after all.

The full interview – and it’s well worth a read – can be found here.