A Doctor Who and a Moriarty join BBC2’s all-star King Lear

Modern day adaptation also has an Odin, a Mrs. Potts, and Mr. Carson himself.   

Among the big name stars heading up BBC Two’s upcoming adaptation of King Lear will be former Doctor Who star Christopher Ecclestone and BBC’s current Moriarty, Andrew Scott.

They’ll join none other than Odin himself, Anthony Hopkins, and the quite wonderful Emma Thompson in the all-star ensemble for the Shakespeare play. Principle shooting is due to begin this month under the watchful eye of director Richard Eyre, who put together a 1998 TV adaptation of the same source material starring Ian Holm.

Produced by Playground and  Sonia Friedman Productions, his new take on the famous source material will transpose the drama to a fictional present-day England under military dictatorship. Hopkins will play the eponymous monarch, Thomson his eldest daughter, Goneril and Scott his son, Edgar. Ecclestone will play Oswald.

Also in the cast – get this – are Emily Watson (Regan), Jim Broadbent (Earl Of Gloucester), and Downton Abbey’s Jim Carter (Earl Of Kent) among other interesting choices. Not bad as casts go, that.

King Lear will premiere on BBC Two in the UK in 2018, with Amazon Studios co-producing and taking US and German rights. Amazon Prime Video will also stream the drama in the UK, following the BBC’s run.

Colin Callender and Sonia Friedman, Executive Producers, say: “It is a tribute to the great Richard Eyre that we have brought together such a remarkable cast. The film is a testament to the BBC’s on-going commitment to the single drama, and we are very appreciative of their continued support.”

Amen to that.

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