Doctor Who: Rachel Talalay was invited back to direct for series 11

Rachel Talalay

Gradually, the identity of the directors of Doctor Who series 11 is becoming known, mainly via set snaps and online agent leaks. But now we know, sadly, one face who won’t be back: Rachel Talalay.

She directed some of the key episodes of the Capaldi era, including Twice Upon A Time, Heaven Sent and Hell Bent. However, she won’t be on the roster for series 11 – but was asked to come back.

As she revealed via her Twitter account, Talalay won’t be back for series 11, but was definitely asked back by new showrunner Chris Chibnall. Timing problems led to her declining the opportunity. She does, though, hold the door open for a potential series 12 return, should the offer come up.

Here’s her Tweet…

Known directors for series 11 thus far are Jamie Childs, Mark Tonderai and Sallie Aprahamian. More as we hear it…