Doctor Who Series 11: three images showcase the new Doctor and her companions

Following on from the Doctor Who series 11 teaser, which arrived during the 2018 World Cup final, the BBC has Tweeted a trio of first-look images that feature Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor and her companions.

One image, which you can see at the top of this page, shows Whittaker’s Doctor fiddling with a little device – which is letting off a golden glow – while her companions look on.

Another pic shows the Doctor and her companions surrounded by shrubbery and looking at something:

The third snap in this stack features the three companions leaning up against some sort of water tank thingy, looking a bit bemused:

Mandip Gill’s Yaz, Bradley Walsh’s Graham and Tosin Cole’s Ryan are the three companions that Whittaker’s Doctor has been teamed up with for her first full series in the show’s lead role.

We don’t know much about these three characters yet, although Walsh has recently described Graham as a “regular bloke”. At this stage, it’s unclear how the Doctor ends up meeting these three new chums.

One thing we do know is that Whittaker’s Doctor was rejected by the TARDIS when she first regenerated. It’ll be interesting to see whether she gets straight back into the time-travelling police box, or if she needs to survive without it for a chunk of the series.

We’ll bring you more Doctor Who news as we hear it.