Doctor Who series 11: the full list of directors

Thanks to the excellent sleuthing work of Ruther2 on Twitter, the full list of directors for Doctor Who series 11 has now come to light.

Jamie Childs directed the first block of episodes for the new run, that covered episodes one and seven of the show.

Then, production moved to South Africa for the second block of filming. That was under the eye of director Mark Tonderai,  That’s expected to cover episode two and three.

The third block of episodes was directed by Sallie Aprahamian, which reportedly covers episodes four and six.

And then we learn that Jennifer Perrott will be handling block four of episodes, covering numbers five and eight. Then, Jamie Childs is returning to handle the final block of filming, that looks set to cover episodes nine and ten.

This, then, appears to be the director line-up…

  1. Jamie Childs
  2. Mark Tonderai
  3. Mark Tonderai
  4. Sallie Aprahamian
  5. Jennifer Perrott
  6. Sallie Aprahamian
  7. Jamie Childs
  8. Jennifer Perrott
  9. Jamie Childs
  10. Jamie Childs

This line up hasn’t been confirmed by the BBC as of yet. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more. Here’s Ruther’s latest Tweet, that discovered the news that Jamie Childs was returning for the final block of filming…