Doctor Who: Steven Moffat on what to expect from Peter Capaldi’s farewell

Doctor Who

The Doctor Who Christmas special – Twice Upon A Time – is now filmed, and in the editing suite. There’s still a fair bit to do before it’s done, but for the purposes of showrunner Steven Moffat, he’s written his last line of dialogue for Doctor Who before he departs this Christmas.

Also departing, of course, is Peter Capaldi, who will be replaced in the TARDIS by Jodie Whittaker come the end of the episode. And Steven Moffat has been chatting to TV Guide about what to expect from Peter Capaldi’s farewell.

In the finale, “you get what he stands for, what he tries to be, the man he aspires to be”, Moffat revealed.

“I suppose you get what that takes out of him. What it’s like to try to be that. What that battle is like for him. So it’s kind of personal about the Doctor. It’s ‘how long do I have to keep doing this?’ It’s sad and it’s kind of happy as well, but it’s the choice to live on and why that choice can be difficult”.

An emotional episode is expected, then. We suspect most of us are already steeled for that…!

TV Guide.