‘Endeavour’ heads into 1967 for fourth season

ITV has commissioned another season of detective drama Endeavour.

Shaun Evans (The Scandalous Lady W) will return as the young Morse alongside Roger Allam (The Lady in the Van) as Endeavour’s senior officer, Detective Inspector Fred Thursday.

Endeavour launched in January 2012 with a one-off single film to mark the 25th anniversary of Inspector Morse and the prequel’s third season concluded on ITV in January, averaging 6.3 million viewers and a 22% share of the audience.

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Set in 1967, the new films will again be written by Endeavour creator Russell Lewis, with Inspector Morse author Colin Dexter acting as a consultant to the producers.


Writer Russell Lewis commented: “#TeamEndeavour looks forward to welcoming you back to Cowley Police Station early next year – when we reopen the 1960s casebook of Detective Constable Endeavour Morse and unravel a set of brand new murder mysteries.”

ITV’s Director of Drama, Steve November added: “We’re delighted with the audiences reaction to Endeavour and it was an easy decision to recommission due to the quality of the scripts from Russell Lewis and the excellent production values from Damien and his production team.”

Season 4 begins filming on location in Oxford later this spring.

Are you looking forward to Season 4? Let us know below…

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    Love this show. Very glad to see it keep going.

  • atlantaloves

    yes yes yes — there is nothing more sexy than Inspector Morse than a YOUNG inspector Morse!!!!

  • DemosCat

    Now that Morse has finally taken his sergeant’s exam, I imagine it will be DS Morse in the new series. But what of DI Thursday?

    My own speculation.

    The initial episode may begin with both Morse and Strange as sergeants, but Strange is, of course, still the senior. DI Thursday will either retire or drop dead due to his poor health. This leaves open the DI position. It might be filled by a transfer, but since Strange is politically astute, he could be promoted to Detective Inspector. Strange will be out of his depth, and rely heavily on Morse to get the job done. Guess who will get the credit?

    • Matthew Hewitt

      If they’re sticking strictly to the chronology of the original series, Morse didn’t become a Sergent until the 1970’s – I think it’s in ‘Promised Land’ that it’s mentioned. I always assumed that he stagnated as a DC until Strange was in a senior enough position to pull him up the ladder behind him.

      Although I’m glad it’s getting another series, I thought the last was rather poor compared to what had come before. For me, only the finale met the standard of the pilot and first two series (which are pretty much perfect IMO). While I can forgive the opening episode as it had the difficult task of dealing with S2’s cliffhanger, the second was strictly by-the-numbers and the one with the tiger was too ridiculous for words (despite excellent work from the often under-used Anton Lesser). I think Russell Lewis needs to give himself a rest and farm-out at least two episodes to other writers.

      As for Roger Allam, I think he’ll say on as long the show lasts – he’s too integral a part of it’s success to leave.

      • DemosCat

        Excellent point! I had forgotten that detail about Morse’s promotion not happening until the 1970’s

        Thinking about it some more, I wouldn’t be surprised if Morse has failed the sergeant’s exam. Why? In my experience, exams look for rote, textbook answers–and textbooks can be wrong or out of date. You can fail an exam because your knowledge is superior. It’s possible Morse may only pass after he’s coached by Strange to dumb down his answers. 🙂

        As for DI Thursday, he did cough up that bullet, so maybe he’ll get better. I too like Roger Allam and hope his character gets to stick around.