Game Of Thrones: filming will finish forever on August 3rd

Game Of Thrones will wrap filming for the last time on August 3rd 2018. On a day that’s likely to be as emotional as the red and purple weddings combined, HBO’s fantasy mega-hit will shoot its final scenes and ‘cut!’ will be called for the last time. Sob…

Game Of Thrones season 8 began production in October 2017, with Titanic Studios in Belfast once again acting as the show’s production base. The Knowledge, an industry insider website with a strong track record of accurate reporting, is the site stating that Thrones will finish filming forever on August 3rd.

Naturally, since Thrones is always a secretive production, we have no idea what the final scene shot will be. Also, due to television episodes rarely being shot in perfect chronological sequence, there is no guarantee that the last thing filmed will actually be the last scene that we see on screen.

Members of the cast have already been talking about filming their last scenes on the show, with Sophie Turner saying that finishing her work as Sansa Stark was like “a death in the family.”

The end of Game Of Thrones likely won’t be the end of Belfast’s relationship with Westeros, though. A pilot episode has been ordered for a prequel series covering such intriguing historic stories as “the true origin of the White Walkers, the mysteries of the East [and] the Starks of legend.”

The Knowledge reports, in that same article, that this prequel series will begin production in Belfast in October 2018. It’s said to have the working title of The Long Night.

We’ll bring you more news on both shows as and when we hear it.

The Knowledge

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