Game Of Thrones season 7 was pirated over a billion times

Game Of Thrones title card

Game of Thrones’ ratings continued to grow for its just-completed seventh season, as the show builds up to its farewell with season 8. But new figures released by piracy-battling company MUSO have suggested that Game Of Thrones season 7 was illegally downloaded an eye-watering one billion times.

MUSO tracked activity across piracy networks since the start of season 7, and as of September 3rd, it recorded that Game Of Thrones season 7 episodes had been downloaded or streamed illegally 1,029,787,668 times.

The breakdown episode by episode is as follows:

 Episode 1:  187,427,575

Episode 2:  123,901,209

Episode 3:   116,027,851

Episode 4:  121,719,868

Episode 5:  151,569,560

Episode 6:  184,913,279

Episode 7:   143,393,804

All Episode Bundles – Season 7:  834,522

The recent run was hit by early episode leaks, but also registered the highest legal viewing figures in the history of the show.

Game Of Thrones season 8 is expected to premiere in 2019.


Radio Times