George R.R. Martin’s Nightflyers has been cancelled after one season

Syfy has opted to cancel Nightflyers, its series based on George R.R. Martin’s book of the same name, after just one season. This seems to be proof that the authors name, and its associations with Game Of Thrones, weren’t enough to turn this show into a smash hit for Syfy that it was worth carrying on with.

Trusted trade publication Deadline Hollywood broke the news, offering this explanation for the fact that Nightflyers has been cancelled:

“The series’ linear ratings were pretty modest despite stunts that included telecasts with limited commercial interruption across all platforms and weekend marathons giving fans an additional opportunity to catch up on the series.”

Essentially, then, it sounds like the ratings for Nightflyers weren’t high enough for Syfy execs to justify spending on a season 2.

The series featured a partnership between Syfy and Netflix, with the latter handling international distribution outside of the US.

According to Deadline, Nightflyers was originally planned to have multiple series. But after the disappointing ratings of season 1, “Syfy brass concluded that it was better off as a one-off limited series.”

Even with a big name producer, a big name network and a big name streaming service involved, it would seem that you can’t guarantee a hit show every time you try and make one.

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