Jason Isaacs calls Star Trek: Discovery “of our time, for our time”

Despite receiving good reviews thus far, Star Trek Discovery has attracted some controversy over some of its more modern elements.

Jason Isaacs, who stars in the show as Captain Gabriel Lorca, spoke about why the show needed to be updated in order to not retread old series in the franchise.

He told DigitalSpy: “I wouldn’t have ever wanted to do it if I thought it was a reboot or that I was treading on any echoes of the Star Treks that have been before. What’s the point? It was done so f*king brilliantly.

“Ours is a completely different show; it’s Star Trek of our time, for our time.”

Discovery is the first Star Trek series to feature an openly gay character, and the use of swear words has lit up the internet in debate. But Isaacs believes that the committment to keeping the diverse, welcoming style of the series alive is a positive one.

“I am not so stupid to think that telling stories is going to change the world at a time when the most powerful man in the world seems to be advocating for right wing, white supremacist groups,” he continued.

“You are taking in a vision though of a future where people of all races, nationalities and sexualities work together in harmony and that’s a pretty healthy contrast to the stuff you are being told about how we should all hate each other and separate from each other.”