Life Sentence cancelled after one season

Life Sentence has flatlined, as word spreads around the web that The CW hasn’t renewed this freshman drama/comedy series for a second season. In a rare move for this network, which houses loads of shows which run for years with no sign of an end, they’ve chosen to pull the plug on Life Sentence after just one season.

The death knell for Life Sentence rang first on Twitter, with the show’s star Lucy Hale sharing a note on the social media site, declaring herself to be “a little shell shocked” by the news:

“We created something important and pure”, Hale said in closing, “and no cancellation can take that away.” Understandably, she isn’t happy that her show has been cancelled, but Hale tries hard – very admirably – to find a positive spin for the news in that note.

If you’re unfamiliar, Life Sentence‘s one and only season focused on a young woman (Stella, played by Hale) who finds out that her cancer is cured. Stella and her family must then adjust to this news, rejigging her life from one that they all thought was going to end into one that’s actually worth living. Secrets come out, relationships are frayed, and plentiful laughs are had.

Life Sentence was created by Erin Cardillo and Richard Keith, and it seems there is no chance now of the show being saved. If we hear more news about the cancellation, we’ll be sure to pass it on.