‘Luther’ writer is bringing back ‘Sapphire and Steel’

Neil Cross, the creator of BBC One’s Luther, has revealed that he is planning to revive Sapphire and Steel.

Starring David McCallum (NCIS) as Steel and Joanna Lumley (Absolutely Fabulous) as Sapphire, the British sci-fi fantasy series originally ran for 34 episodes between 1979 between 1982.

Speaking to Nerdist, he announced: “I am planning – it looks very much like I’m going to – relaunch a show called Sapphire and Steel.”

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Cross, who has also written episodes of Doctor Who and Spooks, explained: “Sapphire and Steel is a late ‘70s science-fiction horror show, which had an incredibly low budget, so every single episode was a bottle episode where the enemy is time itself … so it would tell ghost stories and monster stories but in every episode somehow time was the villain.”

The New Zealand-based crime writer teased: “There’s a broadcaster in the UK that’s very, very keen to do it.”

Watch the original title sequence…

Are you looking forward to the return of Sapphire and Steel? Who do you think should star in it? Let us know below…

  • cuddy2977

    Weirdly, I’ve been binge watching the original series, over the past few days.

    It would be interesting to see … but there’d be a lot of expectation to live up to.

  • Neil Rodger

    would love to see this as long as they dont forget what made the origional so good

  • Chris Hine

    Since the creator of the show, Peter J Hammond (who also wrote two scripts for Torchwood) is still alive and working, it would be great if he was brought in either to write scripts, or as a consultant/advisor. Other than that though, I’d be happy to see a return 🙂

  • Roderick

    Of course, there’s also the audio adventures that Big Finish brought out more recently, with Susannah Harker and David Warner. I think I’d be happy with them cast.

  • David Gallagher

    It needs to be single sets, with a small cast. Doing it low-budget also means ratings wouldn’t need to be too big to justify keeping it on. How to recast iconic roles like those? How about Reece Shearsmith for Steel and Keeley Hawes for Sapphire?

  • Stuart Halliday

    Brilliant actors with original plot lines. OK, the title sequence was awful. But the rest was first rate.

  • Orm Embar

    John Barrowman and Alex Kingston…

  • viking68

    Gemma Chan and Colin Morgan would be great choices for a new series.

    • david allen

      been watching Humans, have we?

  • This is one of my favourite shows ever! I’d love to see it back. Can’t wait.

  • emma5

    This could be seriously good. Neil Cross has great writing and show running credentials and respect for the original. Also glad that it’s a UK production not an US one. Hope Cross can still fit some Who work in as I loved his past efforts – Rings is a seriously underrated mini masterpiece and Hide was probably the best of series 7B, save Name of the Doctor.

  • Diana Bidwell

    Paul Blackthorne for Steel for sure! Sapphire is a tougher pick, Emma Watson has some appeal.

    • them0use

      Huh. Watson as Sapphire is…. fascinating.

  • Laura Macfehin

    Robert Sheehan and Michele Dockery.

  • Desi Hegarty

    I think they’d have to cast it very carefully, as the new cast would have some big shoes to fill. I recall we also met ?Silver in the original; it’d be good to meet a few of the others occasionally. I haven’t seen any of Luther so I don’t know how good the script writer is, but I enjoyed the original series very much so I hope they do a good job of it! Is it a re-do, or a sequel I wonder? Did Sapphire and Steel finally escape the trap…?

    • Hughes.

      P.J. Hammond had an escape in mind, but as the series was dropped it never came to fruition. I never heard the radio episodes, but I believe they escaped the trap, but in the final episode discovered they were still in the trap and everything had just been a distraction so they wouldn’t realise.

    • Leah McGrew

      I think we also met Lead, a beautiful, large black fellow!

  • Hughes.

    I’ve been fantasy casting a new S&S in my head and on Twitter for ages, and Julian Rhind-Tutt is a natural for Steel, I’m turn between Lena Headey, Emilia Fox, and after her amazing turn as the young Milner in Utopia, Rose Leslie for Sapphire.

    • them0use

      If Julian Rhind-Tutt is Steel, then I kinda want to see Tamsin Greig play Sapphire. 🙂

      • Hughes.

        Then Stephen Mangan should be Silver, and Paterson Joseph should be Lead, to complete the Green Wing line-up they need Michelle Gomez in there too, maybe as Gold, or Jet. 🙂

        • them0use

          I approve of this plan!

          …though now that you mention it: Gomez as Sapphire. It would probably be so wrong, and yet I want to see it anyway! XP

  • Maria_MacLachlan

    I wish they’d cast Joanna Lumley and David McCallum again. At their age it would be brilliant.

    • Lisa Liscoumb

      I would so watch the hell out of this.

  • Shaun Danby

    Evanna Lynch for Sapphire and Tom Hiddleston or James McAvoy for Steel.

    • Shaun Danby

      Thinking about it Tom Hiddleston as Stlver.