Mark Gatiss reveals his dream ‘Doctor Who’ story

cold war

Doctor Who writer Mark Gatiss has revealed that he wants to write an episode about the Russian dog sent into space in the 1950s.

Gatiss told Blogtor Who: “The Doctor Who story I’ve always wanted to do is about Laika the dog, the Russian dog they put in space. I think I had a dream about it once where there was just him in his capsule – what a lonely thing!”

The Sherlock co-creator added: “I thought, wouldn’t it be fascinating if something else got in, like The Quatermass Experiment? And Laika came back to Earth, still alive, but not aloneā€¦”

Gatiss recently stated that a Doctor Who spin-off featuring Commander Strax, Madame Vastra and Jenny is unlikely due to time constraints: “A lot of people would like to see it – but I’m not sure if anyone has the time to do it.”

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