Matt Smith on ‘Doctor Who’ return: ‘I’ll happily come back’

doctor who matt smith

Doctor Who star Matt Smith has revealed that he ie keen to reprise his role as the Eleventh Doctor in a future multi-Doctor anniversary story.

Speaking at the Wizard World Con panel, Smith recalled working on last year’s 50th anniversary special: “It was a real historic moment for me. I always look at David [Tennant] and go, ‘Oh my god. It’s Doctor Who!’”

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The actor departed the show in ‘The Time of the Doctor’ last Christmas.

He added: “David is a great guy and a good friend. It was so fun. Doctors in the same room is just magic, isn’t it! I’ll happily come back for another anniversary!”

Would you like Matt Smith to return to Doctor Who one day? Let us know below…

  • 42TARDIS42

    of course, matt smith was amazing, and anyway, the more doctors in one room the better

  • DoctorWhom

    It’ll be interesting to see how he interacts with the others. When he worked with Tennant you could definitely feel like he was the elder–the endearingly childish personality that knows deep down that he’s the last of his regeneration cycle, as old as a timelord has a right to be. How is he going to interact with Capaldi, who’s basically at the beginning of his life now? Can’t wait!!!

  • Byron

    If they do produce another multi-Doctor story, I would hope that at least one of the Classic Doctors is also featured.