Matt Smith: River Song story is ‘not a disappointment’

Speaking to Radio 1’s Jo Whiley at the launch of the Doctor Who Experience yesterday, Matt Smith gave some hints about the show’s sixth series and the reveal of River Song’s identity.

Smith commented: “What’s amazing about Steven [Moffat] is, he’s been plotting this since the very first episode… even from ‘Silence In The Library’, it’s all connected. He’s had this sort of three-year plan and it’s all unfolding.”

Discussing Alex Kingston’s return, he promised that River Song’s storyline in Series 6 is “not a disappointment”.

Smith continued: “I think the Doctor and Amy are really faced with some quite cataclysmic choices, particularly at the end of the cliffhanger of Episode 7. It’s brilliant. Steven’s just done brilliant, brilliant work.”

Series 6 will begin on BBC One in the Spring.