Max Irons on ‘The White Queen’ nude scenes


The White Queen star Max Irons has revealed that filming the show’s nude scenes “took some getting used to”.

BBC One’s ten-part adaptation of Phillipa Gregory‘s historical novel series, The Cousin’s War, began last weekend.

Discussing new skills he learned during the shoot, Irons commented: “I guess learning how to handle the sex scenes, which are very hard to do.”

The actor, who plays King Edward IV, added: “Being naked in front of 50 people definitely took some getting used to but by the end I was walking around starkers!”

Set against the iconic backdrop of the War of the Roses, The White Queen tells the story of the women caught up in the on-going conflict for the throne – they are some of the most ruthless players in history and will stop at nothing to support their own causes and those of the ones they love.

Episode 2 airs at 9pm on Sunday night on BBC One.

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