Pearl Mackie discusses staying on in ‘Doctor Who’

Matt Lucas Pearl Mackie Peter Capaldi TARDIS

Pearl Mackie sat down on the ITV’s This Morning sofa yesterday to chat about her time in the TARDIS so far, and how long that time may last.

Asked by Eamon Holmes about Peter Capaldi’s departure, and whether she would like to stay on after his tenure in the TARDIS ends, Pearl gave this guarded response.

“I don’t know, I mean it’s not up to me… Peter’s such a wonderful Doctor, and I think the dynamic that he and I have playing The Doctor and Bill together is something that really works. That’s not to say it wouldn’t work with a different Doctor. But, yeah, it’s always a new adjustment, getting a new Doctor. Inevitably the dynamic is different because your different actors. And different characters.”

After the endearing quality of her performances in the role so far, we think an extended stay would be great news for Pearl Mackie and for us. Whether or not we will get Bill for a little longer than a lot of rumours are suggesting is still far from clear, though.

Do you think Pearl Mackie should stay on for more adventures with the next Doctor? Let us know in the comments.

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