‘Skins’ star ‘ended up in a bit of a state’ filming breakdown scene

Skins actor Sean Teale, who plays rugby captain Nick in the E4 show, has described filming the scene where he smashes up his character’s house as “very mentally challenging”.

Teale told CultBox: “That was fun but I actually had a bad day that day. It was the last day of filming my episode and I got really very into it.”

He continued: “It was a very mentally challenging scene; very draining. They let me get me in the right mood and get in the right place to do it, so I was very worked up and ended up in a bit of a state actually. When you’re smashing stuff up and you’ve got yourself in a place where you’re crying your eyes out… I was very much Nick in that moment.”

Teale also revealed that he was injured while shooting rugby scenes for this week’s episode: “I actually ripped soft tissue in my shoulder filming the last rugby stuff we did… It was tiring but I love playing rugby and we had a lot of fun on those days.”

Episode 5 of the current series, focusing on the character of Nick, aired on Thursday night on E4.