‘Skins’ star Sean Teale hints at Series 5 climax

Skins actor Sean Teale, who plays rugby captain Nick in the E4 show, has hinted at what’s still to come in Series 5, telling fans to “expect a lot more messiness”.

Teale told CultBox: “Without sounding pretentious or cringey, Nick doesn’t know who he is or what he’s doing. He tried to be his brother and ended up running out a house after sleeping with a mother.”

He added: “And expect the group to come together actually, Nick finally wins them round. He starts to do things for them, looks out for them out of the kindness of his heart. There’s a lot more integration with the group.”

Asked about how Series 5 ends, Teale revealed: “I felt it’s a really satisfying ending, but there’s so much left in the air and so much left unanswered! But it’s not one of those endings that’s really annoying. People start getting paired up that you would not expect to be paired up due to the circumstances that happen in Episode 8.”

Episode 5 of the current series, focusing on the character of Nick, aired on Thursday night on E4.