Steven Moffat’s hints for every episode of ‘Doctor Who’ Season 9

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has provided some teasing hints for each story in the show’s new season.

The episodic preview features in the new issue of SFX magazine (out now). Do check out the magazine for their full exclusive Season 9 coverage.


Episodes 1 & 2

Doctor Who 9 Daleks

“It features lots of Daleks and this time we mean it! Clara receives a mysterious summons and has to team up with Missy to search for the Doctor in a very, very old place.”


Episodes 3 & 4

Doctor Who 9

“This two-parter is written by Toby Whithouse and features an underwater base plagued by creeping ghosts and an island that is about to be submerged in water. But who or what is doing this and how can the Doctor stop it? It’s very scary, atmospheric and claustrophobic, much like some classic episodes.”


Episodes 5 & 6

Doctor Who 9 Maisie Williams

“Those two are exceptional! The first part features Vikings fighting mercenary robots (and a dragon!) and the second one sees a group of Highwaymen dealing with a Norse god.”


Episodes 7 & 8

Doctor Who 9 Zygon

“…’The Day of the Doctor’ acted as a prologue to it. In it, the Zygons made peace with the Humans, but not every Zygon decided it was okay so they’ve been raising an army, silently and now they’re rising against UNIT!”


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  • Doctor Moo

    Series nine is shaping up to be an incredible season. Never has the show been this good! Thank you Steven Moffat!

    • John McJohnson

      Yes, yes, yes and yes again!

      RTD’s ego-fest is now but a distant uncomfortable memory. Under Moffat’s leadership the show has become an intricate work of genius. Bring on more of the same, please, and let’s see Capaldi’s run last for a decade!

      • Intothevervoid

        To be fair, not all of RTD’s stuff was completely bad. Most is flawed and the writing is quite simplistic but I think that was to make it accessible for new viewers. He stayed on far too long and in the last years, the show became the David Tennant show rather than Doctor Who which dissolved into the sorry slop of the specials year. I think if Tennant had left at Journey’s End, the era would not now be seen as a failure overall. It is a pity that the egos of the showrunner and lead actor were allowed to overwhelm the show. Fortunately the mess left by Davies has been rescued by Steven Moffat and firstly he gave us the magnificent Matt and now the perfect Peter. Moffat is without doubt a writer of genius and when he gets the story arc right as he did in series 5 and 8, there simply isn’t anything better on television. He has also added narrative richness, wit and intelligence lacking in RTD’s era, helped by casting two much more talented and versatile lead actors than the miscast Eccleston and hammy Tennant. I think with Peter, we have an unbeatable combination and it is noticable that Moffat has really returned to form last series inspired no doubt by having an actor of Peter’s calibre to write for.

        Back on point, everything we have heard about this year indicates that it will be outstanding, full of wonderful episodes and the kind of risktaking which Moffat loves. It’s going to be a good one, isn’t it?

        • Edward Delingford

          Bravo. Too much bashing of Steven Moffat over the last couple of weeks based on speculation and malicious rumours. Series 9 looks unbelievably good and we should be saluting his work and how much he has improved the show. We are also very lucky to have Peter Capaldi who has proven a worthy successor to Matt Smith, both cast I should add by Moffat. I have never been more excited for a new series of Who, nor more confident of how great it will be.

    • fatikis

      We have no idea if any of it is good. If you think you can tell the quality of a season by a few sentences and screenshots you have a problem.

      • Doctor Moo

        I don’t think that, and I never claimed to. But what I most certainly DO think is that what we have been told above and seen in the two trailers is looking very exciting and promises what seems like a good season.

  • doctHERwho




    • John McJohnson


      • Andy L Kennedy

        I’m fairly sure this person is taking the Michael

    • Doctor Moo

      Step 1: turn off caps lock.
      Step 2: perform a spell check.
      Step 3: back up your opinions.

      • fatikis

        He is actually regeneration 14 after all the weird shit. The War Doctor and 10-2.

        • Doctor Moo

          Yeah, but Doctor 12.

    • I think this person/alien is a troll. Or dead drunk.

      • Doctor Moo

        Or both?

  • fatikis

    This season looks interesting. I hope it is good. Moffat’s plots have been getting worse in my opinion.

  • Tara

    Is it just me or does Clara never wear anything but dresses?

  • Lemmy Koopa

    Sounds very promising. Loving all the two parters. Two parters allow the story to breathe.

  • Rocío Zamorano Báez

    This season is going to be huge!

  • Dedora

    Think this is shaping up to be the very best series in the last 52 years. Peter is just THE BEST.

  • Nicöle Lynn


  • Only 12 episodes this season?

    • Doctor Moo

      That’s what series eight had as well, but the Christmas Special will up that total to 13.