Tom Baker appearance on ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’ was planned

Tom Baker has confirmed that it was planned for him to appear on The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The final episode of the Doctor Who spin-off aired on CBBC in October 2011, following the death of star Elisabeth Sladen.

Baker told TV Choice: “I think it was being mooted at a time when Elisabeth began to be ill. I’d never seen [The Sarah Jane Adventures], you see, but she was so thrilled.”

He added: “I had a terrific, tender thing for her. I never met her out of the studio, except by the time she was doing that. But I never got around to doing that.”

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Asked if he had any advice for Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor, the actor joked: “No, I don’t have any advice for anybody! Not for anybody. Certainly not for someone taking over Doctor Who. But he’s a very accomplished actor. I’ve seen him do those mean things, swearing into his mobile. Nobody has ever failed, have they? So there you are. They’ll be all right.”

Do you miss The Sarah Jane Adventures? Let us know below…

  • The28thDoctor

    As a fan of the Tom Baker era Doctor, I do indeed miss Sarah Jane. She was an amazing woman both on and off the camera. She is greatly missed.

  • Notthemindprobe

    Miss it?
    My heart aches for it.
    The same goes for Torchwood, or K9. Anything taking place in the DWU is always welcomed by me with open arms.
    The genetically engineered boy genius, the schoolgirl investigator across the road, the cheeky artist from down the block, the adopted daughter from another planet, the super computer in the wall, and Miss Smith herself; they will always have a special place in my heart.
    I always thought, what if they had a little one off special? Write in that Sarah Jane’s gone off somewhere miles away to write a story, and the Doctor shows up and he has to help the kids fight something off.
    Or is that scenario a bit farfetched?

  • Christoff Flossman


  • Tom Brake

    really do miss this TV series there was nothing else quite like it other than doctor who but i found this more fun.
    Nothing and no one can replace this series or her
    R.I.P Elizabeth Sladen