Watch the first Better Call Saul season 4 teaser trailer

As Better Call Saul surges into its fourth season, Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy finds himself in a tight spot: he’s banned from practising law for ten months, and he needs to find some gainful employment to tide him over. The first trailer for Better Call Saul season 4 has now arrived on the web, teasing exactly how this predicament will play out.

You can watch the trailer, which looks like it has been recorded off a TV by a fan, right here…

Even though the show has not yet caught up to the Breaking Bad timeline, it’s clear that Jimmy is inching closer to his destiny as the dodgy-dealing Saul Goodman. He’s going to make this law ban work for him, by any means necessary.

In other Better Call Saul news, the show’s co-creator – Vince Gilligan – has been chatting about Walt and Jesse’s chances of appearing in the show.

“I think we’ve waited long enough”, the writer teased, before stressing that “We damn well better have a good reason for them to show up.” He then added, “I just hope we figure it out because I’ve got to hear, ‘Yeah, bitch!’ one more time.”

Better Call Saul season 4 debuts on AMC in the States on August 6th. The UK premiere on Netflix is expected on August 7th.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.