Lord Of The Rings: Amazon buys up new television series, spin-off too

The Lord Of The Rings might just be the next Game Of Thrones where TV is concerned…

UPDATE: This is now a done deal. Amazon has won the bidding war for a new Lord Of The Rings television series, Furthermore, the deal also allows Amazon to make a second spin-off series as well.  The main Lord Of The Rings show already has a multi-season order in place too.

Here’s our original story…

We’ve had three modern Lord Of The Rings movies, and three Hobbit films. Just what else could be done with the Middle Earth adventures on the screen? Well, rather than explore further writing of J R R Tolkien, Warner Bros Television and the Tolkien estate are reportedly in negotiations with Amazon Studios to develop a television series based around the Lord Of The Rings novels.

This idea seems to originate with the estate too, who have – presumably with one eye on the loot that Game Of Thrones has brought in – being involved with shopping around the idea of a series. It’s Amazon that’s bitten too, and negotiations are now ongoing, to the point where Amazon boss Jeff Bezos is said to involved with the negotiations himself.

As Variety notes, the fact that a TV series is being suggested involving Warner Bros in turn suggests that the previous ill-feeling between the studio and the Tolkien estate – that ended up in court – is now over.

More as we get news. But expect this to be a very big deal if it happens.