Peter Capaldi teases that he’ll be working with Armando Ianucci again, post-Doctor Who

Peter Capaldi

For the past few years, the role that Peter Capaldi is best known for has switched to the Doctor, courtesy of his three series of Doctor Who. But to many, of course, he’s still the swearing magician Malcolm Tucker from The Thick Of It and In The Loop.

Those were the creation of Armando Ianucci, who himself has been busy with Veep in the US and the new film The Death Of Stalin.

Now, though? It seems there may be space in Capaldi and Ianucci’s respective diaries for a reunion.

Chatting to TV Guide, Capaldi admitted as much. He joked that “I haven’t been able to swear for four years”, but then dropped into the conversation that “I think I’m going to be working with Armando next year”.

But what on? There’s no sign of The Thick Of It coming back, and an In The Loop 2 seems a far-fetched idea. Stranger things, though. We look forward to finding out more in due course…