‘Class’ ratings: ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off launches to disappointing numbers

The first idea of how many people have been watching Class has been revealed.

Created by YA author Patrick Ness, the new Doctor Who spin-off launched last month on BBC Three, which is now only available to watch online on BBC iPlayer.

BARB (Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board) have released their TV Player Report for the four weeks covering the release of Episode 1 and Episode 2.

The report gives an estimation of how many people have watched a programme via online streaming services, such as BBC iPlayer, The ITV Hub and All 4.

Sadly, despite some strong reviews, Class has not made it in to the list of Top 50 on-demand programmes for the four weeks ending 13 November.

This means that the first two episodes have been accessed by less than 185,688 viewers. How far below this figure the total number of viewers for Class so far is remains unknown.

Class 1 1 Ram (FADY ELSAYED)

BBC Three’s highest rated programme in the same period was Sex, Drugs & Murder: Life in the Red Light Zone, with 247,000 views. Top of the list was Planet Earth II: Islands, with 575,529.

Class is still expected to air on BBC One at some point, where it will hopefully find a larger audience.

Order Class on DVD on Amazon here.

Order Class on Blu-ray on Amazon here.

The season finale, ‘The Lost’, will be available on BBC Three from 10am on Saturday.

What do you think of Class so far? Let us know below…

  • Mat Greenfield

    Given the format, I doubt anyone jumped into the series at the mid-way point without watching the first episode, so it’s unlikely the numbers for the rest of the series will be any higher than episode one. Sorry to say that I’m not particularly surprised. It’s clearly a show that’s not aimed at my demographic, so the fact it doesn’t appeal to me isn’t surprising. But nor does it seem to offer anything new to a YA audience besides its fleeting Doctor Who connection. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good show and it’s had some really standout moments, but there’s just no hook beyond the hint that Peter Capaldi might show up – and you can find out if he does before you invest time to watch it.

    • timmy

      Other then the hook of the characters and the situation themselves, like all other tv shows that don’t have Peter Capaldi in. And saying it’s a good show doesn’t really square with the rest of your post.

      • timmy


      • Mat Greenfield

        This may shock you but it is possible to like something but be aware of its flaws…it comes with the territory for Doctor Who fans. The show has good writing and handles teenage “issues” in a really mature way, but doesn’t appeal to me personally as a cynical twenty-something. My criticism is that, from a purely marketing perspective, it’s done nothing to draw in viewers other than saying “Oh, the Doctor might show up.”

        • Garry Baldridge

          *shrug* Not gonna lie, that’s the only reason I watched it.

  • Bronwyn Masierowski

    I’m loving it… and from episode 1 I was hooked… love the plot line, the character development and the few cliff hangers that have appeared so far… I even got my partner hooked… sadly we are on Australia and can’t watch it on BBC but ABC iview provide us with the appropriate streaming…

  • Charlieboy

    Ha, ha!

  • Jeff Quinn

    I’m 35 and have been a Whovian my entire life.
    But at 35, I’m not particularly interested in a show about teenagers…. (Likewise I didn’t watch The Sarah Jane Adventures)
    Give me Torchwood back (regardless of story format) or give me a spinoff with Clara and Ashildr in their Stolen Tardis!

    • Lemmy Koopa

      “Regardless of story format” in that case, it is back. Big Finish has started producing Torchwood adventures

  • Zakk Williams

    I for one am loving the show so far, and it saddens me that it’s got these ratings. I jumped in the show because it was a DW spin-off, but now I’m more excited about it than about the parent show…
    And no, Capaldi appearing in episode 1 was not the best moment of the series, nor the best one of the first episode itself. I actually would have liked it more if the Doctor hadn’t appeared.

  • David Havers

    The lack of publicity by the BBC is to blame. I have enjoyed every episode so far of Class. It should be on BBC One not on a dead channel like BBC Three. I do hope that Class gets a second series.

    • Lacivetta

      Agree – I missed the launch and would have wanted to watch it

    • Bardotti

      This exactly. Maybe the Beeb should relauch the show when it comes to BBC1 so it can pick up loads more viewers. I am sure we will get a second series, but on BBC1 please guys.

    • John Bacon

      Lack? How about no publicity. I have never heard of this.

  • cybersten

    Whilst I love doctor who and previously torchwood, Class seems under developed- characters and finer detail. Which is a shame because the concept seemed promising but doesn’t fill the Doctor who void.

  • Jessica Cobden

    It says something positive about the clout of Who, that it can produce another spin-off. But Class was flawed from the start. Who is it for? Who will watch? How will they access it? Questions which seemed muddled or lost.Never asked. Starting it on BBC Three was madness. How can you expect anyone other than a die-hard fan of WHO, to know ( or even to give a damn ), about a tie-in reference first mentioned back in 1963. Flawed…Will it stayed floored? Was it a good idea to begin with? Its handling and promotion has been as vague, as much of season nine of WHO in the UK. ” Same old. Same old.” Indeed

  • James Wright

    There is a very good reason why its not pulling in the viewers.
    Simply put, this spinoff is not what most wanted.
    River Song, Pastor Gang even Torchwood. There were many options, but no. They had to go with this dismal mess.

  • George Bullukian

    This is really disappointing to here. I was super excited to watch this then I found out that it would not be broadcast in the US until later in 2017! I do not understand why they didn’t launch this globally at the same time. i guess we’ll see it when it comes to us sometime next year on BBC America???? I hope the numbers rise with our viewership although I do totally want torchwood to come back !!!!!

  • Dr. Moo

    1. The BBC marketing department are useless. But we knew that.
    2. Online only is still a relatively new format so we can’t really go round calling these good or bad ratings at this stage.
    3. Class is a serious contender for the best new show of the year, with its characters, cast, plots, writing, and everything all coming together to give us a real treat every single week.

    *mic drop*

    • Charlieboy

      2 – Nonsense.
      The BBC and fans were gloating when Doctor Who was getting record figures online, over 2 milion. So, you can call them bad ratings at this stage.
      3 – Deluded, again.

      • Dr. Moo

        Is there anything you don’t hate? Seriously, if you’re for real then I really pity you for not having anything you actually like.

        • Charlieboy

          Ohh, do stop disagreeing with everything I write!

          • Dr. Moo

            Come back to me with something constructive sometime.

          • Charlieboy

            Great tweet seen by moi —

            #DoctorWho ratings 2015: “Poor overnights meaningless, everyone watches online”

            #ClassDW ratings 2016: “Ratings are poor cos it’s online”

  • Bardotti

    Have really enjoyed the show and find it up with some of the best new television this year. I think this will get a second wind of viewers based on the fantastic word of mouth from those who have watched it when it is shown on BBC1. I also expect it will do well in the US when shown with DW. Dr Moo is spot on about the BBC dropping the ball again and not realising the potential of such an outstanding new series. Worried now that the BBC will not improve on their woeful treatment of DW next year given how poorly they have handled Class. Sometimes I feel that the BBC wants these shows to fail goven how appalling they are with promotion and scheduling.

  • Vic1

    I keep intending to watch it, but because it’s online I somehow never get round to it. I’ll certainly watch it, straight off, when it’s on BBC1 (which it will be, hopefully), if I haven’t before. I’d also think, when it’s online, it’s very easy to forget about it; it’s not mentioned in listing magazines/websites and of course isn’t there when you’re checking what’s on on your television.

  • John Mangan

    It’s just OK. That’s the problem. It isn’t special. It isn’t interesting. It isn’t engaging and I find I don’t care about any of the two dimensional characters. What it IS is too American. It’s exactly like any number of American Young Adult series about vampires or zombies or reclaiming the Earth and whines on about “finding yourself” and “am I popular?” and “it’s OK to be an outsider” at the expense of plot and originality. The Beeb has the Paternoster Gang and Lightfoot & Jago (I’d like to see those two mashed together as they’re from the same Victorian time period), they have River Song, they have the Doctor’s Daughter etc etc etc but they chose to go with a shiny new academy full of identical clones. Just not good enough.

  • Clare Coffey

    The show needed much better publicity all round; it is more edgy and less formulaic than DW. The characters are emerging and all have their own identities which are quite diverse. The minor characters are interesting too. The acting isn’t as strong as DW but maybe the cast need more time to gel together. Entertaining plots and good action so far. Deserves a better shot than it has had so far

  • Floyd Norman

    Considering only the first 2 episodes are any good, does this really come as a surprise to anyone?

  • Garry Baldridge

    Why they decided to make this show, that literally no one was asking for, instead of bringing back Torchwood, that almost everyone was asking for, is baffling to me. It borders on considering conspiracy theories about the BBC wanting to do damage to itself, with such a long line of poor decisions, particularly surrounding the Whoniverse the past few years.

  • peculiarturtle

    ive never heard of it. what is about?

  • Dario Feddersen-Doyle

    I don’t understand this show, it’s like a mutated hybrid of The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood, the tone can change from children show dialogue to graphic gore and mature topics in a heartbeat. Very messy writing. Also, the main characters, as much as they try to give them plenty of background, they don’t feel genuine. Even though I feel I should care about them, I struggle to. Not sure if this is the writers fault or the acting itself.