‘Sherlock’ was most watched programme on all channels this Christmas

11.6 million viewers tuned in to BBC One for the Sherlock special on New Year’s Day last week.

‘The Abominable Bride’ was the most watched programme between 21 December 2015 and 1 January 2016 across all channels.

Charlotte Moore, Controller BBC One commented: “After a two year wait, it’s incredible to see the indisputable power of Sherlock bringing the nation together to make it the biggest show of the festive season. It’s a tribute to the talented team behind this much loved show.”

Sherlock The Abominable Bride John Watson (MARTIN FREEMAN)

Sherlock producer Sue Vertue added: “We are thrilled to be a hit in both 2016 and 1895.”

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‘The Abominable Bride’ is the second most watched Sherlock episode ever, beaten only by Season 3’s opener ‘The Empty Hearse’ in January 2014 with 12.7 million viewers.

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  • Helles

    Congratulations. Well deserved for a program which continues to shine with wit and intelligence and along with Doctor Who has never been stronger and more inventive.

    • ElleOz

      Hear, hear. Give people challenging programing with great actors and writers and they will flock to it. Steven Moffat has often said that he doesn’t ‘write down’ to his audience as he respects their intelligence.

  • Daniel

    Beating the finale of Downton – that is very impressive. Sherlock is certainly one of the greatest shows anywhere showing in the world today. I expect Abominable Bride is likely to win lots of awards this year too – excellent program.

  • Andrej Milas

    It feels like Moffat has lost interest for the doctor. This season felt like the same “doctor drops in on a secluded outpost facing an unimaginable horror , and their own prejudices ” over and over again. Lots of nearly opened hatches and frantic shuffling from small room to small room. Disappointing really.