The Last Jedi: Daisy Ridley praises Rey’s goodness, plus watch deleted Caretaker scene

Lots of tidbits and deleted scenes from Star Wars: The Last Jedi have started to emerge ahead of the film’s DVD/digital release, and Daisy Ridley in particular has heaped praise on the direction of her character in the sequel.

She said: “I think it’s really wonderful to see someone like [her], she’s been so lonely her whole life and it’s been very difficult. And I think the fact that she reacts the way she does to new people coming into her life- she’s trying to help BB-8 even though initially she’s like, ‘go away.’ She then does everything she can to help him.

“She does everything she can to help Finn…And even though everything is crazy and everything’s being thrown at her, she didn’t really ask for any of it, she’s so helpful going forward. And really, as we’ve seen from [The LastJedi, she really sees the glimmer in Kylo [Ren], that there’s some good there. And she goes with it, and I think that’s pretty wonderful.”

Watch the deleted scene of Luke tricking Rey into thinking the Caretakers are in danger below: