The Walking Dead: Does Lauren Cohan’s new pilot mean Maggie has to die?

Rumours of her imminent demise may not have been exaggerated at all, as Lauren Cohan’s new series (yay!) could mean its curtains for Maggie (boo!) on The Walking Dead.

The show in question is Whiskey Cavalier, an hour-long drama that was ordered to series by ABC earlier this week. The pick-up means that Cohan will not be able to feature in all of Walking Dead season 9, but she has agreed to appear in six of the eight episodes.

What does this mean for Maggie? Well, it’s not unheard of for actors to star in multiple shows at once, but of course the fact that Whiskey Cavalier is on a rival network could make negotiations more complicated.

Then again, despite our collective pessimism, Maggie not being in two episodes of the season doesn’t actually mean that the character is to be killed off. She could be elsewhere, or simply settle somewhere to have her baby away from the main action.

Who are we kidding, though? Actors who can’t be around are a pain, and Cohan recently made headlines when she asked for a better deal. Our guess is that these six episodes will serve as a swan song for the character, and Cohan will subsequently be free to pursue other projects.

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