This Sunday is The Box Of Delights day

The Box Of Delights

For viewers of a certain vintage, The Box Of Delights was and is a flat-out Christmas treat. The BBC adaptation of John Masefield’s magical Christmas tale first screened in 1984, and quickly won audience hearts. The final of the six episodes screened on December 24th 1984, and in recent years, it’s become a Christmas tradition for some to rewatch the series, a week at a time, with the aim of finishing the series on Christmas Eve.

If you’re one of those people? You need to get cracking on Sunday. Start on Sunday 19th November, and watch one episode a week, and episode six will land on Sunday 24th December. Even if you’re not, it’s a treat of a show that we won’t spoil here.

If you want a taster of that opening theme tune…

And here’s a nice curio: the promotional piece for the show from Blue Peter, from back in November 1984…

Happy viewing!