Vic & Bob plan one-off ‘Big Night Out’ to the BBC

Bob Mortimer Vic Reeves Catterick

The duo are planning to resurrect their anarchic ‘Big Night Out’ stage show for a BBC Two special.

Vic & Bob’s Big Night Out will revisit the Vic Reeves’ Big Night Out template that made the pair’s name after it developed a cult audience over on Channel 4 in the early 90s. It, in itself, was a distillation of the anarchic stage shows that first got them noticed by Jonathon Ross’ Channel X TV, which produced their early efforts for the channel.

The new one-off show will introduce new characters as well as bringing back the old favourites from those early days. It will include some pre-recorded sketches and songs, skits and stunts performed in front of a studio audience, there will also be “some surprise cameo appearances and a very well-known television show will get the Vic & Bob makeover treatment”.

It all seems to amount to a ‘Greatest Hits’ package of the duo’s work – which also includes the Smell Of Reeves and MortimerShooting Stars, Bang Bang, Catterick and House Of Fools – which has traded on their skewed view of the world, ability to create lovably surreal characters, and general silliness. For their part, Vic and Bob reckon that this is “the show we wanted to perform back in the 1980s,” but that they will be “increasing our respective heights in order to perform some of the more intricate and challenging moments.”

Fair enough.

The air date for the special has yet to be confirmed, but we’ll get you the news as soon as we do.