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‘The Fades’: Episode 3 review

After some faltering early steps – poised precariously between enthralling paranormal drama and trying-too-hard teenage vom-com – The Fades has finally found the right balance.

‘Doctor Who’: ‘The Wedding of River Song’ review

‘Oh that man,’ River Song says, wine glass in hand, the same old glint in her eye, ‘he’s always one step ahead of everyone.’ We all know who she’s talking about, of course, but she could just as easily be referring to the man who has led us on a stunning, season-long dance and left...

‘The Fades’: Episode 2 review

The fluctuation in quality between the apocalyptic and the adolescent in the opening instalment of The Fades was not, it seems, merely just the throes of a troubled birth.

‘Shirley’ review

Bolstered by a wonderful soundtrack and a fine recreation of the smoky clubs and hostile theatres of the late fifties and early sixties, Shirley is a compelling story of a contradictory star.

‘Fresh Meat’: Episode 1 review

With its witty lines, engaging characters and multiple plot lines, Fresh Meat promises to be a lively, younger follow-up to Peep Show.