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‘Skins’: Series 4 Episode 1 review

Kids lie all the time, don’t they? And one of the best lies put around in recent years is that Skins is a teen drama. It isn’t, of course: it’s far better than that.

‘Doctor Who’: ‘The Waters Of Mars’ review

And so begins David Tennant’s final run as The Doctor before he’s thrown in at the deep end, and it’s appropriate that for such a bombastic, energetic and fast-moving Doctor, the story demands that he’s immobile, frustrated and unable to help. It’s actually a very old-fashioned story – Space 1999 meets ‘Horror Of Fang Rock’,...

‘Misfits’: Series 1 Episode 1 review

With great hype, comes great responsibility. You can’t have escaped E4’s relentless pushing of its new superhero drama - a kind of Fantastic Four with ASBOs.

‘Psychoville’ review

TV has been doing a fair a bit of riffing on the classics this week, particularly with Psychoville, in which a seemingly one-shot love letter to Alfred Hitchcock's Rope had an episode that contained more than a few shot-for-shot flourishes borrowed from the James Stewart original.