Watch 3 alternate takes for David Tennant’s ‘I don’t want to go’ line

David Tennant

Doctor Who star David Tennant performed his iconic final line in ‘The End of Time’ in various different ways during filming.

Watch all three alternate takes of the ‘I don’t want to go’ line, with Tennant and director Euros Lyn explaining their choice in behind the scenes footage…

  • A horribly selfish and poorly thought-out line and one of the low points in 52 years. A line that threatened to sabotage the Matt Smith era before it even started. RTD made some good choices as showrunner but also some truly awful ones and this is firmly in the latter category.

    • Steven Stanton

      I completely disagree. I feel it was very true to his incarnation of the doctor. I do not feel that it threatened to Sabotage Matt Smiths doctor at all.

      • Uzumaki Nagato

        I agree with you. He really didn’t want to change.

        • Dr. Moo

          That’s the issue for me – why did he have such a problem changing this time rather than ALL the other changes before it??? It feels inconsistent with what came before, right down to the very same incarnation’s comments back in The Christmas Invasion.

          Well, what’s done is done. I’m glad somebody liked it, even if I don’t.

          • bwa22

            He probably didn’t want to regenerate yet, since he knew it would be his last regeneration

          • Kendall Beister

            He didn’t know yet he couldn’t regenerate again. Watch “Let’s Kill Hitler”.

          • Uzumaki Nagato

            Because every Doctor is different. They each have different personalities that develop over time.

  • Helles

    The whining, self pitying and complete self absorption of this final scene sums up completely everything which went wrong with David Tennant’s doctor :out of control egotism by the show runner and lead actor which the production team failed to rein in. The End of Time is perhaps the lowest point to which new Who ever sunk and it has continued to cast a very negative pall over David Tennant’s tenure in the Tardis. 10 is a hugely unlikable character – selfish, arrogant, judgemental, an emotional bully, egotistical with a very nasty case of Messiah syndrome and rather than end his era acknowledging this along the lines raised in Waters of Mars – I thought it was quite brave to show these flaws and the consequences in that episode – instead we have a cloying, sanctimonious, over sentimental puddle of indulgence ending in a scene which is more likely to provoke laughter, rather than tears. I am sure David acted these scenes sincerely but his acting choices in this are off key – he should have done this with bravado and acknowledged his hubris but it’s such ponderous and overwrought writing, probably not much else he could do. The whole scene is also two fingers at both Moffat and Matt as it implies that Tennant is the ONLY Doctor, now and forever. Fortunately, Moffat responds in the best way by having the joyful Matt Smith immediately burst the pomposity of David’s departure and we go from the worst era in modern Who into the fabulous 11th Doctor’s era.
    While Matt’s exit in Time of the Doctor is also a flawed episode, what does set it way above the bathos of End of Time is that his doctor steps into the future hopefully and modestly. Matt’s acting in those scenes are phenomenal.

    • Cassandra Atticum


      • Mr. J McJ

        Oh, so if people have different opinions to you then we’re not allowed to share them? Then that makes you a Grad A Arsehole and you should be ashamed of yourself.

        • Could’ve phrased that more tactfully.

          • Mr. J McJ


            …but it is true though.

          • Steven Stanton

            I don’t think so. A hypocrite like that has to just scream I am a tool in every post which displays that level of blatant hypocrisy.

          • Dr. Moo

            Explain to me what’s hypocritical about his statement.

          • Steven Stanton

            Well since you are obviously unfamiliar with the definition of hypocrisy it is the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which ones own behavior does not conform. Now that you understand what that word actually means lets look at his comment. He was replying to Cassandras post.

            He said “Oh, so if people have different opinions to you then we’re not allowed to share them? ”

            Well first he is an idiot as Cassandra never said that the commenter should not have their opinion. Cassandra showed her contempt for it.

            Then he goes on to attack her opinion after stating that her contempt for someone’s was stating that that person was not allowed to voice their opinion which cassandra never did

            If any of the words in this are to big for you like Hypocrisy was please google them or find a dictionary.

          • Dr. Moo

            I know what it means, I’m not an idiot. No need to be condescending.

            Don’t you think saying they shouldn’t criticise others for disagreeing with them in such an insulting way is hypocritical in itself? Don’t point out the speck in someone else’s eye when there’s a plank in your own.
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          • Steven Stanton

            I think they are both entitled to their opinion. However, you asked how he was being a hypocrite. I have never said anything to the point that they should not have their opinion, and I clearly reserve the right to point out when I find their opinion stupid.

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            I’m going to stop taking the bait now. I think whatever points there are to be made have been made – I’ll offer you a virtual olive branch of peace and speak no more on this particular discussion.

          • Steven Stanton

            I would like to point out, I never claimed I was not a hypocrite. 🙂

            I accept your virtual olive branch. I will go back to getting this callcenter AI to do what I tell it to.

          • Cassandra Atticum

            Actually, I was expressing boredom with this particular poster’s repeated posts trashing Tennant’s Doctor, trashing Tennant personally, trashing RTD, blah blah blah…. It got old years ago.

        • Steven Stanton

          I hate people like Mr J McJ who are clearly idiotic hypocrites. No one said the posted did not have the right to share their opinion. On the same note Cassandra had the right to share her opinion of that posters opinion. Get over yourself. Do not sit there and cry like a 3 year old that someone is being unfair because they stated their opinion about someones opinion

          • Dr. Moo

            “Do not sit there and cry like a 3 year old when someone states their opinion about someone’s opinion.”
            Except that’s exactly what YOU have just done. So if anyone here’s an idiotic hypocrite it’s you.

          • Steven Stanton

            Oh I think I hurt someones feelings. Want a hanky?

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            No thanks, I’m merely giving as good as I got whilst also defending myself and others from a personal attack on what we’ve said.

          • Steven Stanton

            Your really not giving as good as you get when you don’t know the meaning of a word like Hypocrisy, or do not have the mental acuity to be able to follow conversations to see hypocrisy when it is prevalent in the conversation.

          • Dr. Moo

            “You’re really not giving as good as you get”
            That’s true, I haven’t hurled out any personal abuse yet.

          • Steven Stanton

            No Mr.J Mc J started that calling someone else and arsehole for thier opinion. Which I have no problem with. My issue with his comment is the first sentence which you seem to want to pretend does not exist based on your posts. That first sentence is what makes him a hypocrite and you an idiot for trying to defend him.

          • Dr. Moo

            He and I have crossed paths in many online DW fan sites and with the sole exception of that particular (insignificant) sentence I’ve never known him to be anything less than a respectful and polite man. That’s why I’m defending him, because that’s what good people deserve.

          • Mr. J McJ

            Thanks Moo. It was a shortsighted misgiving on my part and I apologise. It won’t happen again.

          • Steven Stanton

            That I can appreciate and respect

      • Yawn yourself! How many times will you treat people like that just because they don’t think Tennant is a gift from God like you so clearly do?

        • Steven Stanton

          I am much more of a Matt Smith fan than a David Tenant fan and I see nothing wrong with how Tenants doctor was played. Its people like you who are whining because they did not like the character

          • Dr. Moo

            I do like the character so your argument is invalid.

        • Martin Pollard

          You don’t have to think that Tennant is a gift from God to know when a “fan” is acting like a pompous, arrogant, know-it-all a**hole. People like you represent the very worst of fandom, and are the biggest reason why I don’t get involved with it anymore. I saw it back when I was a teen in the early 80’s, with Star Trek and other sci-fi fandoms, and it hasn’t changed a bit. In fact, with the advent of the Internet, I’d say it’s far, far worse.

          • Dr. Moo

            One of us is calling the other “a pompous arrogant a**hole” and it’s not me, that’s all I’m saying.

  • Intothevervoid

    What is the point of this article exactly? There are reams of print about the problems with David Tennant’s final words and history has spoken pretty definitively that it was a misconceived failure. Move on. Tennant has long gone and we are now in a truly Golden Age for the show. Let’s focus on honouring Steven Moffat’s final series and the continued magnificence of Peter Capaldi just in case the next turns out to be his final one too.

    • John McJohnson

      This is old news. These alternate takes have been on the Internet for years. Slow news day?

      • CultBox

        Slow news year 😉

        • Less than two months in we know that the show has a secure future and who the next showrunner will be. Hardly a slow news year.

      • Doesn’t make it any less interesting to see. I don’t like the line but seeing behind the scenes info on it is still intriguing.

  • Terrible Fate

    Tennant is the best Doctor of them all but I don’t like the way he died on a whimper not a bang. He should’ve regenerated immediately after saving Wilf.

    • Steven Stanton

      Matt Smith was the best Doctor.

      • Dr. Moo


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