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10 years since it began, could ‘Primeval’ ever return?

Today marks exactly ten years since the first ever episode of Primeval aired. ITV’s sci-fi series started as a competitor to Doctor Who in the Saturday evening family drama slot, but quickly grew into something far more interesting. It was a show that, rather appropriately, evolved a lot over its lifetime – but even if nothing … >

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‘The Crown’ Episode 10 review: The first season concludes with ‘Gloriana’

‘Gloriana’ feels as though it’s been constructed as the series finale to a different programme. Consider the ending of the show. Elizabeth’s final scene, now named Elizabeth Regina rather than Elizabeth Windsor, feels like it’s supposed to be this great milestone; akin, perhaps, to the first time a superhero puts on their costume and takes … >

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‘The Crown’ Episode 9 review: ‘Assassins’ features John Lithgow’s best performance yet

Winston Churchill is a difficult individual to get to grips with. On the one hand, he’s revered for having steered Britain through World War Two, oft credited with having held a key role in the eventual victory of the Allies. Indeed, it’s because of these achievements that he’s typically considered one of Britain’s greatest politicians, … >

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‘The Crown’ Episode 8 review: ‘An Absence of Noise’ shows a more human Elizabeth

Finally – finally – The Crown has figured out a characterisation of Elizabeth that works. It’s been difficult for them, and understandably so; there’s an aspect of Elizabeth that’s always been implacable, always been impenetrable, which makes it hard to develop a character beyond – as she’s called in this episode – a “blank page”. … >

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