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Christopher Jerden-Cooke

10 of the creepiest ever TV theme tunes

Memorable TV theme tunes are a curious beast – and sadly a dying breed with many modern series abandoning the traditional opening titles sequence altogether. It’d be a shame if this trend continues – after all, who really sticks around at the end of an episode to listen to the music? A great theme tune … >

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‘The Clangers’ review: CBeebies’ reboot fires up the imagination

Smallfilms are a peculiarly British animation studio: industrious, creative and successful but always too tiny and quaint to ever be called a powerhouse. Initially a two-man operation working out of an old barn – with Peter Firmin making models or providing traditional artwork alongside Oliver Postgate animating these elements and (in a voice that was … >

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Why aren’t you watching ‘Better Call Saul’?

Apparently not everyone in the UK is watching Better Call Saul, the superlative prequel spin-off of Breaking Bad, so we’ve taken the liberty of addressing some of the potential reasons that you haven’t dived in yet. New episodes of the ten-part first season are available each week for streaming exclusively on Netflix every Tuesday at … >

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