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Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ Episodes 2-4 review: An exploration of twisted, dark themes

Jessica Jones mad a promising, dynamic start with ‘AKA Ladies Night’, a premiere bursting with genuine potential for the subsequent twelve episodes. Do the next three episodes deliver? There’s a few, to-be-expected variations in quality, but the three episodes do a solid job of refuting the possibility that Jessica Jones could be a one-hit wonder. … >

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Episode 7 review: ‘Heads Up’

The Walking Dead is still ticking away at a decent standard creatively, but it’s undoubtedly let the pace slacken in the last few episodes. Even last week’s slightly snappier episode still felt a little too much like filler – a solid hour of television, but not an instalment that felt essential to the season arc. … >

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Episode 5 review: ‘Now’

The Walking Dead has been a lot of things this season. In turns, it’s been a spectacle-driven drama, a siege thriller, a gory horror flick and then a quiet, thoughtful two-hander. This week? It’s just a typical episode. ‘Now’ is Scott Gimple’s iteration of The Walking Dead in default mode: a relatively slow character piece … >

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