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Doctor Who series 10 episode 12: The Doctor Falls review (spoilers)

Spoilers There’s two types of Doctor Who: one intended to make you think, and one intended to make you feel. It’s a popular consensus that the former is Steven Moffat’s style, defined by intricate puzzle-box plotlines and mind-bending hard sci-fi concepts, and the latter is Russell T Davies’, defined by grounded and relatable characters and … >

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Monk Veritas Extremis Doctor Who

‘Doctor Who’ s10 ep6 review: ‘Extremis’ is smart and weird sci-fi (Spoilers)

‘Extremis’, the 6th episode of Doctor Who season 10, is packed full of Steven Moffat’s trademark high-concept themes and plot twists. Oh, and it’s dark – very dark. Doctor Who has always been great at making you feel sympathy for the strangest things. Just this season, we’ve been invited to consider the perspective of alien puddles, … >

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‘Doctor Who’ review: ‘Oxygen’ has relentlessly high stakes

Space: the final frontier. Doctor Who has always had an interesting relationship with the darker parts of our universe. Given a chance to sketch out humanity’s future, it will likely come down on something that’s flawed, but ultimately optimistic, with many of the societal issues that plague us here on Earth in 2017 stamped out … >

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