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Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ Episode 1 spoiler-free review: ‘AKA Ladies Night’

Having set the bar high with Daredevil earlier this year, Marvel appear to have struck gold again with their second Netflix series, Jessica Jones, which gets off to an impressively assured start. Initially in ‘AKA Ladies Night’, there’s signs that Jessica Jones might not be the heavyweight that was expected. The opening act is perfectly … >

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Episode 2 review: ‘JSS’

The Walking Dead isn’t messing around this season, following up last week’s strong, visually inventive premiere with a thoroughly violent siege thriller. ‘JSS’, unusually, began with a quiet first act that doesn’t seem to be building too much. There’s the sympathetic, if disposable prologue, which fleshes out Enid, an ancillary character at best, and a … >

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‘Ripper Street’ Season 3 Episode 6 review: ‘The Incontrovertible Truth’

Welcome back, Inspector Reid. Having recovered surprisingly quickly off-screen after his waking last episode, Reid finally returned to H Division for a bottle episode that incorporated a simple yet engrossing central mystery. Almost all of ‘The Incontrovertible Truth’ is set inside H Division over the course of one night, but this limited setting never once … >

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‘Ripper Street’ Season 3 Episode 5 review: ‘Heavy Boots’

With Reid’s life teetering on the edge after last week’s shooting, Ripper Street went back to basics for an entertaining, if fairly disposable episode that’s partially redeemed by an unexpectedly heartfelt final act. The previous two episodes of Ripper Street have been heavily character-focused, but ‘Heavy Boots’ flipped the switch for an episode that still … >

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