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Jimmy McGovern’s ‘Common’ preview

In the TV drama landscape, not every drama can be as genre-busting as, say, Line of Duty or Happy Valley. The surer commissions are those which guarantee sofa-grabbing returns – where resilience of format, and potential for re-commission, matter more than the moral or emotional challenging of the viewer. Which is why a writer with … >

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‘The Musketeers’ preview

‘One for all and all for one’ – even for those of us, of a certain age, who wish to follow this line with the assertion that ‘Muskehounds are always ready’, there can be little doubt that Dumas’ most famous novel has proven an endlessly fruitful inspiration to successive generations of adapters. There was even a 1928 musical with lyrics by P. G. Wodehouse!

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‘Moonfleet’ Episode 1 review

Hot on the heels of last Christmas’s really rather excellent Treasure Island, Sky1 have set their sights on another literary adaptation: John Meade Falkner’s swashbuckling tale of smugglers on the South Coast, Moonfleet.

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‘Downton Abbey’ Christmas 2013 special review

Downton Abbey never fails to over-promise and under-deliver. There is, at least, a kind of consistency in this; but it makes for exasperating viewing. After the calamitous events of last Christmas’s festive episode, this year, writer Julian Fellowes was taking no chances. Like an over-cautious Christmas tree decorator, he sought to take his characters out … >

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