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5 of the best one-off characters in ‘Merlin’

Merlin’s ensemble cast was brilliant – each actor was nothing like any other adaption of their character. As the writers say in the DVD extras, two strong actors were needed who had already got a big reputation as a foundation for the story, which ended up being Richard Wilson as Gaius and Anthony Head as … >

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10 of the best moments in BBC One’s ‘Robin Hood’

Robin Hood was a part of my childhood; for 13 weeks a year I would tune it to see what awaited the hooded figure. Action, romance, death – what more could you want on a Saturday evening? Well, probably a bit less death! Robin Hood had all of it and it feels strange to think … >

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Where does the James Bond franchise go next after ‘Spectre’?

Doctor Who fans begin speculating who the next Doctor should be almost the day after each new Doctor makes his debut. Similarly, an ongoing element of James Bond fandom is to discuss after every new Bond film what is going to happen next, whether the current actor will continue to portray him, and if it’s … >

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5 missed opportunities in BBC One’s ‘Merlin’

Merlin was an unmissable Saturday night drama on BBC One which united the whole family in one room. There was the action for kids, the romance for shippers and the emotional battle for everyone. > Buy the complete Merlin Season 1-5 boxset on Amazon. However, I feel that there were some missed opportunities that would … >

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5 ways ‘Merlin’ could return

It’s almost three years now since Merlin ended, still pulling in high ratings to BBC One on Saturday evenings after five seasons. However, those 65 episodes weren’t enough for most fans, with many demanding more time in the world that Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps had created back in 2008. > Buy the complete Merlin … >

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