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12 of the best ‘Doctor Who’ moments in ‘Last Christmas’

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Doctor Who’s tenth consecutive Christmas special was a monster horror story which allowed a certain festive icon some room to shine, as well as providing Clara with the chance to see Danny once again.

It also threw a few nods in the direction of The Thing, Alien and Inception with an isolated polar base, face-hugging aliens and nested layers of dreams.

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In honour of Peter Capaldi’s first full Christmas adventure, here are some of our favourite moments…


12. ‘100 minus 42 is 58 times 3 is 174 minus 32 is 142 divided by 7 is 20 and, and, and a bit…’

Hiding from a Dream Crab, Clara’s mental maths just isn’t up to scratch.

Doctor Who Last Christmas Clara scream


11. ‘It’s a long story…’

A little light questioning from the Doctor reveals that even he and Clara are dreaming too.

Doctor Who Last Christmas Peter Capaldi


10. ‘If dancing works, it works.’

With her incredulous crewmates looking on, Shona dances her way through the Sleepers to the sound of Noddy Holder.

Doctor Who Last Christmas Shona dance


9. ‘How long has it been? Clara?’ ‘Oh, you know, about sixty-two years…’

The Doctor finds out he is rather late, as aged Clara is revealed.

Doctor Who Last Christmas old Clara


8. ‘Five minutes. You can miss me for five minutes a day…”

Dream-Danny gives Clara some rules for living with her grief.

Doctor Who Last Christmas Danny


7. ‘Don’t get too close…’ ‘Why not?’ ‘Because this is a nightmare!’

Professor Albert is sucked into the TV screen, killed by the manifestation of the part of his brain already consumed by the Dream Crab. Or something.

Doctor Who Last Christmas Albert death


6. ‘They’re a bit like face-huggers, aren’t they? You know, Alien. The horror movie, Alien.’

The Doctor finally discovers why the Earth is always being invaded – it’s our thoroughly offensive film taste.

Doctor Who Last Christmas Peter Capaldi 2


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