Ninth Doctor Into The Stars

Big Finish – The Ninth Doctor will meet the Sontarans on audio

Christopher Eccleston heads Into The Stars for three new Doctor Who audio adventures.  As the Ninth Doctor enjoys the Big Finish treatment, he’s getting the chance to meet a few old friends and foes. This incarnation saw plenty of Dalek action onscreen, but missed tussling with some of the show’s other major monsters. Now, with … >

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Doctor Who: The Halloween Apocalypse – behind the scenes

The Halloween Apocalypse, the first chapter of Doctor Who: Flux, was the beginning of a six-part journey through space and time. What follows are select behind-the-scenes media from the making of The Halloween Apocalypse. Introduction of John Bishop as New Companion and Liverpool Plasterer Dan Lewis: Dan’s Lupari Counterpart Karvanista: Filming on Karvanista’s Spaceship: View … >

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Bafflegab bring Howl’s Moving Castle to Radio 4

Diana Wynne Jones’ novel has been adapted as an hour-long Sunday afternoon drama.  First published in 1986, and famously made into an Oscar-nominated anime film, Howl’s Moving Castle is a fantasy classic. Set in the land of Ingary, it tells the story of Sophie Hatter who is resigning herself to an uninteresting life working in … >

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Doctor Who: Flux – new ‘The Halloween Apocalypse’ cast information

The 30 October-5 November issue of Radio Times, includes a more complete cast list for the first of six chapters of Doctor Who: Flux, The Halloween Apocalypse. On Halloween, all across the universe, terrifying forces are stirring. From the Arctic Circle to deep space, an ancient evil is breaking free. And in present day Liverpool, … >

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Gareth David-Lloyd as Ianto Jones

Torchwood: The Great Sontaran War review

The Great Sontaran War brings one of Ianto’s oddest missions yet, assisting a member of the militaristic clone race. Tasked with a survey of Earth, Major Kreg is basing his operations at a Swansea caravan park. At Captain Jack’s behest, Ianto begins the tale escorting the Sontaran Major to a remote caravan park in the … >

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